Frequently Asked Questions about Kiki Torches


Q:  What kind of picture can I use?

A:  Any pictures, graphics or logos will do!  All you have to do is put it on an 8.5 x 11 standard sheet of paper.   You can also use Photo Paper if you chose.


Q:  Is this torch durable?

A:  Yes, very durable as a matter of fact most people that see it and hold it, immediately comment how durable it is compared to what you are used to in the local stores.


Q:  Do you ship them with the photo already in the Kiki Torch?

A:  Not just yet today, but that will be wonderful enhancement coming soon to our checkout step on our website. 


Q:  What is the burn time of the Kiki Torch with the oil in the oil can?

A:  When the Kiki Torch oil can is 3/4 full, this will give you about 10 hours of enjoyment!


Q:  How easy is it to fill the oil can?

A:  Extremely easy, with our wide-mouth oil you can simply pour enough oil to fill the can ½ to no more than ¾ way.


Q:  Can these be used indoors?

A:  No - outdoors only please.


Q:  How far apart should you space them if I get more than one?

A:  Typically,  you want to keep them about 4 feet apart to give you the illumination and ambiance.


Q:  How do you extinguish the Kiki Torch?

A:  The Kiki Torch comes with a snuffer cap, be sure to put the cap on tight not letting any air/oxygen under the snuffer cap when you want to extinguish.  Be confident when snuffing out the Kiki Torches, meaning no hesitation when snuffing.


Q:  What is the size of the Kiki Torch?

A:  With the Kiki Torch you get 4 sizes in 1 product.  Kiki Torches can be used as a tabletop, or up to 6 feet in height.  You get 3 pole segments so that you can determine what size is best for your outdoor space.  Or visit us at www.kikitorches.com to view our infographic


Q:  Do you offer any other colors today?

A:  Today the only color is Sunset Bronze, more colors to come in the near future.


Customer Service or Order Questions 

Please email info@kikitorches.com