Kiki Torch Cover/Storage Bag

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Kiki Torch Covers were designed to be used when you are done using your Kiki Torches, protecting them from our everyday elements of:  sun, rain, wind, dirt, dust or pollen.  When your Kiki Torch Season is over you can simply put all the parts in your cover that is now your storage bag!  (Great suggestion from one of our TOP Customers - Thank you Shena!

Kiki Torches are made to last and our covers give you that extra protection after each use. 

While Kiki Torches are the ultimate form of outdoor lighting for parties, or just relaxing with family and friends on a warm summer night, we typically leave them outside, leaving them exposed to all types of weather.

While most torches DO NOT come with covers or a storage bag, that is why we specifically designed the Kiki Torch Cover just for your Kiki Torches.  Our covers, turned to storage bag, will keep your Kiki Torches in the most pristine condition and protected from the outdoor weather.


  • Made from waterproof material
  • Flexible drawcord that secures cover over the Kiki Torch and secures on the pole
  • Use the Kiki Torch Cover as a storage bag when your torch season is over
  • Excellent water-resistance and protection from sun, dirt, dust, rain, birds and pollen